Where are you based?

We are based in one of the Financial Hub of the World, our business operations are conducted through our London Entity.

Since how long you're providing signal services?

This service officially started from late 2020. But the trading department is highly skilled and has experience of more than 15 years of professional trading in forex and commodities.

Where do you provide signals?

Signals are only given through our Free and Supreme Telegram channels

How long does it take to access signals?

Almost Instantaneous.
Join our Telegram channel and receive Free signals.
Make and verify your payment to receive Supreme signals.

Difference between Free and Supreme plans?

You will get 2-4 signals a week as a Free subscriber. On the other hand, 2-8 signals a day as a premium subscriber. Also premium subscribers receive priority response to their queries regarding trading related issues.

When do you send the Signals?

Most of the signals are sent during 08:00-20:00 (GMT). So traders from all over the world can use our signals for trading. Because these are the peak time in almost every country on earth.

How do i cancel my Supreme subscription?

There is no need to cancel it. Subscriptions are not automatically renewed, therefore you won’t be charged unless you wish to continue and pay again.

What is the minimum balance required to trade your signals?

Minimum is 100 USD, but we recommend 500 USD for better results.

How to trade your Signals?

There are various ways to trade our signals. The best way is to use them according to your trading style. Besides that if you need help, we will guide you.

Are your Signals market execution or pending orders?

most of our signals are market execution. So you should enter them as soon as possible.

I have problems with spreads, how do i adjust them with your Signals?

Our signal quotes are without spreads. There is no need of an adjustment to “BUY” signals but for “SELL” signals, you have to adjust them with your broker before placing trades. For example, you need to add (+) your broker spreads to the take profit and stop loss quotes.

What if a Signal goes in wrong direction, what should i do?

Let it run until it hits take profit or stop loss. However sometimes there might be a need of modification or manual closure of a signal. In these rare cases, we will send updates to our telegram channels straight away.

Do i have to change my broker in order to use your Signals?

No, you can stay with your current broker. However it is preferred to use our recommended broker in order to avoid differences you may face in price quotations.

Do you do account management or investment plans?

No, we are signal providers. We don’t do account management or investment plans.

Do you provide signals for binary options?

No, we only provide signals for 30 pairs including Gold & Wti.

There are many Signal providers out there, how are you different?

Our accuracy makes us different. Most signal providers use risk to reward strategies so their accuracy becomes compromised. But we use accuracy strategies so risk of loosing with our signals becomes very low.